Summer of Selflove Online Course


Are you a someone in need of a little self-love? Do you wish to come to terms with who you are and learn to give yourself that bit of self-care that you’re long overdue? Would you love to explore and practice self-love in a fun and creative way that focuses on documenting you?

A Summer of Selflove is most likely what you need! In this class, I share a series of introspective prompts that gets deep down into the core of who you are. We will begin by constructing a lovely little book that will be our personal journals for the entire summer. I will show you how to gather your supplies from things you already own, and compile a “Self-love Kit” from your stash filled with materials you love. We will then set definitions of self-love and self-care before exploring who we are by looking within ourselves, peeling back layers upon layers to expose our own personal truths and beauty. We will face our negatives and learn to find the positive in them. We will document all of our responses to the prompts in our handmade journals and I will share many of my tips and tricks to creating beautiful scrappy art journals that are all about you.

This is an 10 week art journaling class that ran live the summer of 2017. Upon sign up today, you will have access to the entire course to explore at your leisure.

This is a self-paced class. You gain access to the private blog immediately upon sign up.

Included: Private blog with 11 lessons, 31 prompts, 11 videos, and 4 downloads.

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